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3 Ways to Love Being You

'Be Yourself' is one of those well-intentioned cliches offered as advice to us in numerous situations. I remember getting so irritated by it when I was recovering because even though I wasn't even sure who 'myself' was, I was pretty sure I hated her, she was the f*cking worst in my conditioned opinion. The complete disregard I had for myself made being that person the absolute last thing I wanted to do.  Fast forward to full recovery and freedom and I'm delighted to realise that the only conflict I've felt within myself recently stemmed from thinking I'd potentially 'have to' compromise who I now know myself to be.  I am finally so happy with being myself and everything that means to me, that not owning and loving that person would now feel utterly unjust. Which my old self might see as big-headed or arrogant, but realistically , if we cannot find a way to own and love who we are, how are we supposed to enjoy this journey of life we are on wi