The Body

Our bodies are astounding
This culmination of systems and cells
Muscles and bone in which our soul dwells
Is confounding. 
They are resilient
Tenacious, strong, relentlessly committed to carry on
They have all the qualities I admire
And yet, I hated on mine for so long.

Our bodies literally and figuratively have our backs
Sustaining our breath, our blood, our every function whilst we can simply relax
They’re immensely intelligent, steadfast in support, 
From mind to membrane they deftly report, the experience of living,
How we amass and exhort an understanding of both pleasure and pain
Yet how often do we glare at their image, our vision distorted with disdain?
How often do we tell them they’re wrong? Too big or too small? 
That they should be this way or that? Shorter or tall? Thin and not fat?

My own endured abuse at my hands I would not inflict on any other living being
The disrespect, disregard, complete abhorrence wasn’t even fleeting
It seemed justified, I felt so strongly about its ‘deserved destruction’
Our battered relationship cried out for me to finally embrace a reconstruction.

And so, a resolve to reconstruct is what we underwent,
An expedition to gratitude, the resolution to relent,
I learnt to appreciate, to look in awe at the sheer power I am housed within
The home in which my mind lives, the control room of every essential thing
The journey to freedom brought us together as one
I respect what my body needs to run, I listen to the signals it speaks,
I know how to respond as it troughs and peaks
I nourish and nurture, rest and move
And I no longer use it, as something to prove.

Now we flip and dance and stretch and snooze
And the love I’ve cultivated just continues to ooze
The relationship is blossoming, The understanding is innate
And I want you to know that it’s never too late,
To realise,
Our bodies are astounding.
Mine and yours, yours and mine,
If you don’t believe me yet, please take some time,
To explore all the reasons that this is true
Cos I know it’ll change your life when you finally do.


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