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The Body

Our bodies are astounding This culmination of systems and cells Muscles and bone in which our soul dwells Is confounding.  They are resilient Tenacious, strong, relentlessly committed to carry on They have all the qualities I admire And yet, I hated on mine for so long. Our bodies literally and figuratively have our backs Sustaining our breath, our blood, our every function whilst we can simply relax They’re immensely intelligent, steadfast in support,  From mind to membrane they deftly report, the experience of living, How we amass and exhort an understanding of both pleasure and pain Yet how often do we glare at their image, our vision distorted with disdain? How often do we tell them they’re wrong? Too big or too small?  That they should be this way or that? Shorter or tall? Thin and not fat? My own endured abuse at my hands I would not inflict on any other living being The disrespect, disregard, complete abhorrence wasn’t even fleeting It se