What are we daring to do next?

If you’ve been following Dare to Live from the beginning, firstly thank you, but also, you’ve likely seen it change and evolve, go through periods of activity and dormancy, represent different experiences and lessons. It’s become something a bit different than what it was set up as and it’s about to undergo another little shift. My intention is to bring more life, activity and connection to this space.

Dare to Live began in Dublin, with an incredible group of individuals who wholeheartedly wanted to encourage survival over suicide (sos). These beautiful people held groups, shared experiences and used this space to inspire others to keep going, to overcome their challenges and to reconnect to the person they truly are.

That group surrounded me with people who get it. They valued a lot of what I value. They saw the importance of saying yes to life, showing up and daring to live even when it’s scary, challenging and maybe even the last thing we wanted to do. That group looked for the light and once they found it, they made sure to radiate it wherever possible.

The essence of that incredible resilience, that commitment to freedom, that tireless tenacity fueled by passion, experience and newfound zest – that is what this blog is built upon.

I’m so privileged to have been a part of that group and the space we created and I revel in the opportunity to keep growing and sharing that energy.

Some time ago, maybe 2014ish, the group no longer met but I feel that the heart of it remained in the blog and I wanted to keep that alive. So I’ve been writing here ever since and I'm so grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read what I have to say.

I was a part of Dare to Live when I was finding my own way towards freedom. I was learning to live, learning to love and learning to be. Along the way, my voice through my blogs has changed, my ideas have cemented, and my understanding has deepened. And now I'm undertaking something new, I'm embracing new passions and purposes and I want to bring all of these elements into my writing too, because it’s about to become a big part of my story.

I’m still in Australia, living in Melbourne for the moment and I’ve just begun a Life Coaching course. This area of work is something I’ve been interested in for a long time, knowing that like here on the blog, I feel called to share my experience, learnings and deep appreciation for life with just about anyone who wants to hear it! Human behaviour fascinates me and I’m excited to learn how to use a growing understanding of it to optimise our experience of life. I'd love to share learnings, my experience of embarking on a new journey and how it all plays out with you here.

Daring to Live is truly at the core of my passion and message, so I want this to be intertwined with my new journey.

From now, I want to show up everyday and share something with you with the intention of cultivating a strong, connected and engaged community here.
Each day on Facebook and Instagram I'll have a new post and I'm aiming to have a blog on here around once a week.
Any input on topics to explore, questions, suggestions or anything like that, is all more than welcome - feel free to get in touch on any of the platforms and I'd be happy to see what you have to say :)

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