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What are we daring to do next?

If you’ve been following Dare to Live from the beginning, firstly thank you, but also, you’ve likely seen it change and evolve, go through periods of activity and dormancy, represent different experiences and lessons. It’s become something a bit different than what it was set up as and it’s about to undergo another little shift. My intention is to bring more life, activity and connection to this space. Dare to Live began in Dublin, with an incredible group of individuals who wholeheartedly wanted to encourage survival over suicide (sos). These beautiful people held groups, shared experiences and used this space to inspire others to keep going, to overcome their challenges and to reconnect to the person they truly are. That group surrounded me with people who get it. They valued a lot of what I value. They saw the importance of saying yes to life, showing up and daring to live even when it’s scary, challenging and maybe even the last thing we wanted to do. That group looked for the li