See How Free You Can Be

I like the idea of choosing a word for the upcoming year that we wish to fill it with. I've been inspired by seeing people doing this before and as someone who loves words, very much connect to it in place of making recurrent resolutions. Choosing a word reminds us of how we want to approach our year, what the focus is, what we wish to bring to our actions and thoughts. 

I haven't chosen one word this year though. I was thinking of words the other day as you may have seen on Instagram - words like abundance, hope, freedom, happiness, creativity, peace, joy, relaxation, clarity, productivity, connection etc. These are all wonderful words that I hope will be plentiful in my new year, however I didn't find myself decidedly drawn to any one in particular.

But what has stuck with me recently as a resounding idea is 'See how free you can be'. I regularly listen to talks by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia and one of the monks concluded his talk with this sentence. It deeply resonated as exactly what I want to do this year. It calls upon my curiosity, my commitment, my courage. It asks that I explore and shape the meaning of freedom as it courses through me. It questions the boundaries and confines that may still cocoon my sense of liberty, any steadfast story lines that my inner narrative could unnecessarily tumble into - the lingering leeches preventing limitlessness.

Adapting this as a mantra for the year, I believe, will create new paths and stories, alternative actions and regular trips out of my comfort zone. It combines the power of visualising the freest version of my self and the determination to step into that image and completely embody it.

What if you were to see how free you can be throughout the coming year? What if you were to keep this in mind as you go through each day?

To me, this means looking at two things - what being free is and what being free isn't. 


We'll all probably have our own ideas of freedom and why it does or doesn't particularly resonate with us. For me, freedom was the hope I had for myself throughout recovery. It was the opposite of what I was experiencing - the opportunity to be myself, celebrate that person and not be held back by irrational and unhelpful fears, thoughts or behaviours. Having hope for this propelled me towards it, as cultivating my own idea of what it meant cemented the sense of it within my mind. I see it as 'owning our choices', acting in a way that we take responsibility for, choosing in a way that reflects our values. I see it as the liberation from mental conflict - the overcoming of ineffective thought patterns, freeing the mind to focus on positive, inspiring things. I see it as releasing the body into movement, allowing it to thrive on and recharge energy. In freedom, I choose how to use my time. I choose what I do, I choose how I speak, I can be conscious, cognisant and compassionate with myself, and others.

How do you define being free? Do you hope for freedom? Is this what you want too in 2019? Or maybe there's another word you'd replace it with?


I've been enjoying the idea of detachment recently. Having explored 'letting go' numerous times personally and here on the blog, detachment is a somewhat refreshing look at a similar idea. I feel that in pursuing more freedom, I must connect to detachment. I see it as the need to fully step out of the conditioned responses, thought patterns and story lines that have held us hostage and step into our true free form. Thinking about detachment, I see 'letting go' differently, at the moment I feel as though detachment speaks to me more profoundly, more permanently. 

Detaching is like ripping velcro apart, completely separating the fibres from clinging together. (I'm not sure why that's what came so clearly to me, but I hope it makes sense!) Past reactions and responses leave our story. We completely unshackle ourselves from insecurity, self doubt, comparing, worrying what others think etc. Everything that has stopped us from being our freest, these are the things we can detach from. We stop giving them our energy, we own the choices to move into something different. 

I love the idea of detaching from any bullshit that does not serve me. Unhelpful habits, mean self talk, fears - all of that, I don't want to keep letting them go and then picking them back up a while later, I want to free myself from that exhausting ritual. 

Seeing how free I can be, means creating a new picture. One that does not contain anything that is derived from ingrained negativity or lack of self love. My idea of free me, isn't still slipping into a spiral of self deprecation - it is an image that is completely detached from that spiral, entirely substantiated by a new resolve built on pure freedom.

The idea of defining freedom and detaching from what freedom is not, makes space in our life to fill with this fresh liberation, this new lease of life laden with renewed energy, unrestricted radiant self love and the permission to thoroughly enjoy, direct and shape our experience. 

Detach from all the shit that drags you down, that makes you feel bad and that is not allowing you to feel free. Step out of it and do not look back. See yourself through your free eyes - what are you doing? How do you speak? What is your self talk like? How do you feel? How do you walk? 

Detach from entertaining any thought that does not serve you in creating your freedom. 

And then go for it. 

See how free you can be. 

See what happens when you act as you believe your free self would. See what life has in store when you respond to it with a focus of freedom. See what happens when you keep this sentence in your head constantly, reminding you to choose freedom; to choose yourself.

pic by Flo Maderebner


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