Reflect. Reconnect. Recharge

As the year begins to wind down, we can find ourselves in an interesting period of time. Potentially with no idea what day it is or what to be doing with ourselves! Whatever way Christmas was and whatever our hopes for 2019 are, we can begin to embrace curiosity about how we wish to move forward and what our priorities are now.

I think it can be quite a charged time of year, though it may be associated with relaxation and taking a break. I feel that there’s a lot of energy around, which actually makes it an essential time to prioritise a personal moment to redirect and harness that energy towards restoring ourselves. We can make a date with ourselves to reflect, reconnect and recharge.

Personally I’m doing this exercise myself to ensure I realign with where I want to be and what I’m hoping to create in my life. I’ve been enjoying an extremely thought-provoking time of exploration and learning, but have found that it came with its own challenges and discoveries. Everything I’ve uncovered is informative and warrants compassionate acceptance. And what has come out of it, is a deep understanding of where I’m at, what’s helpful/not, what I want and how I can better align with nourishing those things.

Funnily enough it seems to come down to those learnings I already ‘know’, each time, but it’s valuable to realise and reaffirm the significance of these simple things instead of dismissing them as ‘not working’. 

What we work at, works. 
If we let our inner guide go by the wayside, we can’t learn from it, we can’t hear or adhere to what it is saying.

So instead of getting on a resolution bandwagon at this stage, I reckon it’s of more benefit to take time to get some r&r…&r and kick off 2019 how we intend to.

My three r’s are Reflect, Reconnect and Recharge

Each day from now until the 31st, I’ll write about what each of these mean to me and how I’m using them to cultivate clarity and contentment to round off the year.

What do each of these mean for you? If you were to take today to reflect, what could this uncover?

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