R e c o n n e c t

The next step in readying our resolve for the new year, is reconnecting. 

Following our introspection to identify the areas we need to change, actively connecting to what we've learned is vital. From my own reflection, I gained clarity and understanding of where I'm at, where I want to go and what will help me get there. It was clear what I was disconnected from and quite simply, all I need to do to sort that out, is reconnect.

The reflection beautifully highlights the overview of what's been going on for us and how that has shaped our experience. That's a good chunk of the work done - now we're equipped with a pretty decent awareness of what may be lacking and how to better fulfill those areas.

This part is simple, we just need to reconnect to what we need. Any areas that may have gone by the wayside, any empowering tools we haven't been using, any learning we haven't acted on. Now is the time to reconnect to our positive practices that nurture mind, body and soul.

Here's some suggested areas to reconnect to:


If we haven't been nurturing our need to connect to others, reconnecting asks that we reach out. If we've identified that we're isolating or avoiding connection or feeling lonely - we need to reconnect. Maybe we could do with having some fun, letting ourselves laugh or just getting out and about, being part of the bigger picture.

Self care

Incorporating self care into our day-to-day is so important yet can often end up overlooked when we get busy or stressed or 'life gets in the way'. Reinstate self caring routines and activities. Reconnect to what your needs are and how you intend to meet them.


Gentle movement has many benefits and if nothing else, feels good. Reconnecting to our bodies can clear our minds and get the feelgood endorphins going. Getting the oxygen pumping gives us energy so even if we don't feel like it at first, once we begin we'll notice the difference.


Sometimes we forget nature exists when we're cosied up inside over the festive period. But it can be so beneficial to get out into it and enjoy that fresh air, beautiful sights and sounds. Reconnecting to our senses can be a powerful grounding exercise in the great outdoors. 


Remember your dreams, your purpose and your passions. Reconnect to them, what they look and feel like, how you can work towards them. They give us a revitalising sense of meaning and could be the boost we've been missing.


Nourishing ourselves adequately is essential in fueling our feelings of well-being. Listening to our body's needs and responding respectfully is crucial to being able to do and feel our best.


Reconnect to what matters to you, what your beliefs are and how you can ensure to live in alignment with them. 

What areas are you going to reconnect to? 

photo by Magda Ehlers


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