R e c h a r g e

Reflecting and reconnecting fuel our means to feel recharged. They rejuvenate our energy and propel us into a refreshed perspective and rejuvenated mind. 

Recharging for me, quite simply means restoring my energy. If I've been losing a lot of energy to negativity or stress, reflecting and reconnecting essentially insulate me. They inform me of what I need to implement to protect myself from feeling drained, stuck or agitated. Recharging comes from reconnecting to what helps to build that energy back up.

No doubt we've all seen our phone's battery drop and reacted accordingly. 

  • Reflect - The phone needs to be charged or it's gonna die 
  • Reconnect - Get the charger
  • Recharge - Connect it and give it time to charge up
It won't do anything for us if we leave it go to empty. We are not too different.

So to recharge, we need to act. We need to make time for the things that require reconnecting and let them work their magic. And we need to repeat as necessary until we feel at least a little better.

Recharging for me could mean a mixture of writing, going out for a walk, stretching, dancing, enjoying nourishment, reading, and meditating. 

I can't fit in every single thing so I know to choose what I can feel is most needed. When you really listen to your own reflections, it's clear where to inject that extra bit of love and care.

It can be helpful to check in to mind, body and soul and see what you can do for each. These will be individual and I've just come up with a few, but creating your own list will nurture your own personal needs.

- meditate, practice mindfulness, read, stop thinking negatively, positive affirmations, gratitude, giving yourself credit, stop overthinking, cultivate compassionate thoughts.

move, breathe, stretch, walk, nourish, hydrate, body affirmations, moisturise, shower, body specific gratitude, rest, sleep.

dream, set intentions, connect to purpose, write, create, connect to nature, relax, dance, sing,  read, listen to your intuition

Recharging gifts us with the resources required to move forward. As we fill up with positive energy, we're sufficiently stocked up with all we need to move into the new year in a way that best serves and fulfils us.

I hope these ideas have been helpful. They can be used anytime we feel a bit off or out of sorts, every moment offers the opportunity to begin again.

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” 
― Lalah Delia

Wishing you a wonderful new year!


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