Love - vs - Fear

In the many decisions we are tasked with making each day, I believe they typically come down to two motivators - love and fear. 

From what I'm learning, we constantly make choices out of love or out of fear. So I want to focus on keeping these ideas at the fore, become aware of which is primarily motivating my actions and adjust accordingly. I also want to explore the full meanings of these two words and how they relate to our behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

I see love as being connected to gratitude, self-love and abundance whereas fear speaks from a place of anxiety, scarcity and low self-worth. 

When we don't feel good enough, we tend to be more prone to worry and discontentment. We are in a state of scarcity because we feel like we fall short. Thus, our decisions may lead us to hustle, to stay safe, to look good in the eyes of others. We can become jealous, irritable and lash out. Fear based living from my experience relates to numerous issues. I have found it to correlate strongly with hardship, insecurity and self-destructive behaviour.

Even recently, I’ve just moved to a new city, got a new apartment and I’m job seeking. I wanted to get a job so badly out of fear that I was applying for anything and everything. I didn't show my dreams that I believed in them, I showed my fears that I was listening. I was afraid of not having enough, being directed by ‘should’s and ‘have to’s and I lost my sense of what I really want.

Love remember what we truly want.

I want freedom. I want to enjoy life. I do not want to kiss someone's ass just because they're higher than me in the hierarchy or have financial pull. I don't want to spend hours of my day in any old office doing tasks that mean nothing to me. Yes it will pay the bills, but that's not my sole purpose here. 

I can and will pay the bills with a job that I at least like and can enjoy contributing to. I want to be active and interested in what I’m doing, in a culture/environment that I can connect to. 

Fear was telling me I couldn’t afford to be picky, I would be stuck if I didn’t take whatever was offered.

Love tells me to calm down, take a breath and trust. Trust in the opportunities, the abundance and the potential that is awaiting me. I am grateful for everything I have so far and I know I deserve more good stuff in this amazing city. Everything always has a way of working out.

Love can also be realistic and tell me that there's still plenty of time to get something and that I am not actually stuck. It is compassionate and reassuring.

Love gives me signals through my emotions and guides my intuition.  It speaks through the tears of being out of alignment and the joys of feeling free. The little niggling nudges that let me know when I am moving away from love and into the arms of fear.

Fear drives me away from believing, it fills my head with negative thoughts, puts pain in my shoulders and misalignment in my mind.

If I want to live a life of purpose, I want to be listening to love. I want to be driven by love and hear its guiding voice in my mind over fear’s forceful fictions. When fear does speak, I want to reply with the love I have for life and how I want my experience of it to be. I want to exude a loving energy in my life that nurtures my passions, beliefs and values. I want to feel the sufficiency I have and trust in how very enough it is, and I am.

Love speaks the language of gratitude, positivity and trust. It is fluent in intuition, big ideas and passion. Love says you can, it says you will find a way.

If you find that fear is in the driving seat of your life, let love have a go. See what it means for you to live ruled by fears and how it could look to let love inspire instead.

How you do interpret love and fear's influence in your life? Who is most often in control/louder/more present?

In this new month, we can begin to harness more deliberate decision making, choosing to live a life of love, not fear.


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