Heart > Hardship

 You’ve led me down an intriguing trail, Heart,
A way guided by subtle signals and signs,
The tentative trust in gut feeling and that which I believe in,
A commitment to not settle but to deeply listen, refusing to give in
To hear the folly of fear scream in my ear and still, say no,
Scarcity is not my master and fear, not the language I speak
Hardship and begrudgery, worry and stress – voice their views, less and less
As I take the responsibility for choosing your love led way,
Heart, it’s tricky sometimes, as I show up each new day,
And I wonder if I’m misinterpreting, misunderstanding
Mistaking your messages, missing my landing,
The stir of ‘should’ nips at my ease, comfort and safety attempt to tease
But I remember.
I remember that Love is my leader and fear reigns no more,
As my inner truth’s wisdom implores me not to ignore
Its instructive inklings towards a life of purpose and meaning
The doubt dissolves and assurance cocoons my being,
I tune back in to intuitive feeling, this experiment in living
Directed by value, is still new
But I am all in. And I choose.
And, Heart, I will continue to choose you.


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