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R e c h a r g e

Reflecting and reconnecting fuel our means to feel recharged. They rejuvenate our energy and propel us into a refreshed perspective and rejuvenated mind.  Recharging for me, quite simply means restoring my energy. If I've been losing a lot of energy to negativity or stress, reflecting and reconnecting essentially insulate me. They inform me of what I need to implement to protect myself from feeling drained, stuck or agitated. Recharging comes from reconnecting to what helps to build that energy back up. No doubt we've all seen our phone's battery drop and reacted accordingly.  Reflect - The phone needs to be charged or it's gonna die  Reconnect - Get the charger Recharge - Connect it and give it time to charge up It won't do anything for us if we leave it go to empty.  We are not too different. So to recharge, we need to act. We need to make time for the things that require reconnecting and let them work their magic. And we need to repeat as necessar

R e c o n n e c t

The next step in readying our resolve for the new year, is reconnecting.  Following our introspection to identify the areas we need to change, actively connecting to what we've learned is vital. From my own reflection, I gained clarity and understanding of where I'm at, where I want to go and what will help me get there. It was clear what I was disconnected from and quite simply, all I need to do to sort that out, is reconnect. The reflection beautifully highlights the overview of what's been going on for us and how that has shaped our experience. That's a good chunk of the work done - now we're equipped with a pretty decent awareness of what may be lacking and how to  better  fulfill  those areas. This part is simple, we just need to reconnect to what we need. Any areas that may have gone by the wayside, any empowering tools we haven't been using, any learning we haven't acted on. Now is the time to reconnect to our positive practices that nurture min

R e f l e c t

"Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous." Confucius In order to recharge our resolve to create a brighter, more positive experience ahead, reflection is key. I find little use of looking back to the past, but do find value in this quote by Roy T Bennett 'The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence; the past is a place of learning, not a place of living.' Referencing back can gift us with a valuable resource, laden with answers, learnings and experiences. Without judgement, criticism or overstaying our visit, we can use our past experience to cultivate an objective overview abundant in self awareness and understanding. Personally, to do this, I took time out to write and consider what I hope to learn from reflecting. I looked into: What has been positive over the year? What went well, what did I enjoy most?  What am I grateful for? What have I learned?  What do I want to bring into the futu

Reflect. Reconnect. Recharge

As the year begins to wind down, we can find ourselves in an interesting period of time. Potentially with no idea what day it is or what to be doing with ourselves! Whatever way Christmas was and whatever our hopes for 2019 are, we can begin to embrace curiosity about how we wish to move forward and what our priorities are now . I think it can be quite a charged time of year, though it may be associated with relaxation and taking a break. I feel that there’s a lot of energy around, which actually makes it an essential time to prioritise a personal moment to redirect and harness that energy towards restoring ourselves. We can make a date with ourselves to reflect, reconnect and recharge. Personally I’m doing this exercise myself to ensure I realign with where I want to be and what I’m hoping to create in my life. I’ve been enjoying an extremely thought-provoking time of exploration and learning, but have found that it came with its own challenges and discoveries. Everything I

Heart > Hardship

  You’ve led me down an intriguing trail, Heart, A way guided by subtle signals and signs, The tentative trust in gut feeling and that which I believe in, A commitment to not settle but to deeply listen, refusing to give in To hear the folly of fear scream in my ear and still, say no, Scarcity is not my master and fear, not the language I speak Hardship and begrudgery, worry and stress – voice their views, less and less As I take the responsibility for choosing your love led way, Heart, it’s tricky sometimes, as I show up each new day, And I wonder if I’m misinterpreting, misunderstanding Mistaking your messages, missing my landing, The stir of ‘should’ nips at my ease, comfort and safety attempt to tease But I remember. I remember that Love is my leader and fear reigns no more, As my inner truth’s wisdom implores me not to ignore Its instructive inklings towards a life of purpose and meaning The doubt dissolves and assurance cocoons my being, I tune

Love - vs - Fear

In the many decisions we are tasked with making each day, I believe they typically come down to two motivators - love and fear.  From what I'm learning, we constantly make choices out of love or out of fear. So I want to focus on keeping these ideas at the fore, become aware of which is primarily motivating my actions and adjust accordingly. I also want to explore the full meanings of these two words and how they relate to our behaviour, thoughts and feelings. I see love as being connected to gratitude, self-love and abundance whereas fear speaks from a place of anxiety, scarcity and low self-worth.  When we don't feel good enough, we tend to be more prone to worry and discontentment. We are in a state of scarcity because we feel like we fall short. Thus, our decisions may lead us to hustle, to stay safe, to look good in the eyes of others. We can become jealous, irritable and lash out. Fear based living from my experience relates to numerous issues. I have found