Learning: MOVE

The other morning, I found myself sitting in a very unmotivated, lethargic seat. I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do and how I had zero motivation to do any of them. I was feeling a bit off and just not particularly enthusiastic about the day, or myself or what I wanted to achieve.

This seat can suck us in quite easily. When we get into this frame of mind, getting up and actually doing something takes that extra bit of energy and oomph. And if we don't, we'll simply keep descending lower into that downer of a mood, losing sight of the potential the day has.

All I had to do to get out of it? The things that I know help!

Its so simple, but of course that doesn't always equate ease. It was a challenge to get up and do the helpful things but I promise it would've been harder, more painful and more tiring to stay put.

We all know what helps us and we're doing ourselves a disservice if we don't actually use these things.

Moving increases oxygen around the body and even gives us more energy. It changes our mood and has the power to change our day.

It could be moving to do anything - shower, write, draw, create, dance, clean, walk - whatever we know makes us feel good and gets us out of that lil funk.

I got up and turned on music and danced and stretched and then started tidying, and I quickly felt completely re-energised and motivated. I know and could feel how very easy it'd be to slip into a cocoon of 'I feel crap today so I can't do anything' but I decided I valued my time more than that, I trust that feelings can change and I am responsible for helping myself. These are all important to me and I want my actions to align with them, even, if not especially, in tough moments and grumpy days.

What do you turn to to feel better? Are you including those things in your day?


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