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6 Steps to Self Counsel

When we experience challenging times, conflicts or issues - we all respond in different ways. Maybe we ruminate; play out imagined scenarios, think of what we could have done differently. Maybe we sink into bad form; befriending blame and anger and projecting our struggle outward. Maybe we respond with grace; employing a balanced resolve to overcome and help ourselves in the situation.  Becoming more self aware allows us to identify which method we revert to. Becoming self honest enables us to evaluate how helpful it may be. But the most important is to establish self motivation - to do something about it. The fact is we all have our own answers. We know. We've heard the advice, read the quotes and could probably tell anyone else exactly what to do in our situation. But turned inward, it somehow seems different. It's harder or the circumstances are more unique or there's other factors at fault. We might even use our knowledge to beat ourselves up about how we're

Sea of Blessings

In a sea of blessings Bliss descends in effervescence Its wispy mist licks the air  That's tickling the corners of our smile So worthwhile, to see, To extend our gaze to the sun's rays Divinely shining a light on the gold of our days. The sea of blessings Enhances our joy in every drop When we dedicate the time to stop And let the mist seep deep into our skin Awe and gratitude begin to flow within Each wave a gift, a vital lift We are weightless in acceptance Arms open, To the ocean's abundant offering.

Come Back

Beneath the busy conquest of bliss; a calm exists - A serene landscape of space; unpopulated expanse  Stands separate from the saturation of information, That's infiltrating our terrain's tranquil lands. Innocent yet incessant consumption of inspiration Intended as the impetus of improvement, Instead piles up perpetually, a well-meaning metropolis Scraping the skies of our cognitive capacity. Can we capitulate to silence?  To cease the construction and open to contemplation Connect to the core, the fundamental source That's been muted amidst the daily discourse,  Can we really listen, in fully engaged volition - To what our intuition has diligently been discerning  The rich personal pastures of experiential learning. Come back home to what is truly known, Practices unpracticed, actions left idle, Come back home to the lush stretch of truth To: Simplicity. Openness. Freedom. Understanding Come back home, to where your own wisdom i