Hello :)

It feels like time for an oul update!

I've been quiet on social media over the last three weeks as my phone has been broken and I've been unable to post really. I've finally surrendered to the fact that the phone repair shop will not be open for the foreseeable future, and bought a new phone so hopefully when that arrives I'll be back to more regular posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Being without a phone is an interesting experience nowadays, it can seem like such an extension of our being at times, that going without would appear undesirable - really though, it hasn't been too inconvenient, in fact it frees up time for reading or doing other things and affords me the opportunity to be more mindful throughout the day. It can feel disconnecting though, I've missed its communicative function, and I think that's worth noting, that there is a balance to cultivate with our phones. While they do serve so many purposes, some are more worthy of our time than others.

I think it has lined up nicely with recent learnings though, providing the potential to let go, surrender and commit more to the present moment. I've also begun to really engage in and benefit from meditation, which I've mentioned before as being something I found challenging to get into.

Not really phone related, but I've been enjoying a new morning routine too that I find really beneficial in creating a positive start to the day. I'm up at about 6.15am and get to go see the sunrise, which is an amazing experience every single day. Then after a lovingly prepared breakfast, I stretch and write down what I'm grateful for and what I wish to embody throughout the day ahead - 'Today, I am calm, confident and capable' etc. If I've time, I'll do a few minutes meditation. At least a few times a week after work, I swim in the sea too and most days I get a good gawk at the sunset.

Bringing new habits into our lives can be a really refreshing way to change how we feel and I've thoroughly enjoyed implementing these ones. I never would've considered myself a morning person by any means, but now I love the mornings, the time before work is beautifully spent and sets me up in a positive mindset for the day. At the same time, it's important for me to have the freedom of flexibility with these new habits - there's no rigidity and if alternative priorities arise, I'm happy to go with the flow and know that I can do things later or tomorrow or when I have time again if needs be. 

The time we have is ours to shape and enrich and enjoy. We can do whatever we choose. Finding the time to include self care and recharging practices throughout the day is our privilege and it's up to us to discover the way to optimise this. 

The ideas I've been exploring recently have largely been centered around present moment, letting go (the topics in the last blog), meditation and practicing my learnings. There's been moments of needing to be my own counsel and ensuring plenty of self honesty to overcome challenges. Gratitude and affirmations have been helpful, as have thinking less and committing to seeing the beauty in each day - sunrises, sunsets, shooting stars - it's all there, just waiting to be seen and appreciated.

How has your time been recently? Is there any ways you'd like to use it better? What priorities are important for you now? What would you like more of in your day to day?

Let me know :)


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