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The Strength of Surrender

For someone who has spent a lot of time fighting for a more positive, fulfilled life and committing to never give up on attaining mental freedom, surrendering wouldn’t have come up as a word I ever particularly resonated with. It didn’t ooze the strength and tenacity that I wanted to exude; my mind equated it with weakness and would stubbornly avoid that idea of it. Which is somewhat helpful when there’s a goal to reach and of course, I still wouldn’t be an advocate of quitting or giving up the good fight. However I’ve now learned to look at surrendering differently, in a way that I believe is actually key to moving forward and ensuring continued freedom and contentment. It was when I heard an affirmation about surrendering control in a guided meditation recently that I really connected with the whole idea of surrender. It just made me smile, it made so much sense and brought with it such a relief; permission to completely let go of control. Surrendering is relinquishing r

Living Your Best Life

Finding our way in life can be quite a journey. It's this vastly beautiful, exciting and challenging thing that we get one chance at. And figuring out what to do with our unique experience of it, is an undertaking that can lead us to many places, doing a variety of things and learning a wealth of lessons. I'm extremely lucky to never have had to deal with death or grief much until this past year or so. Oddly enough this coincides with the time period where I've been most alive myself, experiencing freedom, travel and a zest of life that has been dormant in the past. Where once I struggled so much to embrace living, there is now a depth of gratitude, appreciation and wonder at how amazing life can be. I've realised the way I love to live - what I love doing, seeing and being part of, how I like to be, how I most enjoy spending my time, the ways I can recharge, feel good and self care. I've learned who I am and what my dreams are. I've awoken to the possibilit