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"Shoulds are Sh*t"

I recently saw this caption shared by the regularly inspiring ' Notesontheway ' from a podcast she had listened to. Instantly I loved it and felt compelled to write about just how accurate I believe this statement to be, having eradicated that word from my life's language as I undertook my journey to freedom. In the past, ' should ' was a word that I consistently allowed to speak for me. It emerged from a fluency in 'not good enough' and eagerly contributed to a growing vocabulary of self-limiting and self-destructive language. Having brought awareness to its undue recurrence in my mind and its connection to how I was feeling and acting, I realised how little it served me to continue to speak it. It wasn't freeing or beneficial or a part of positive growth for me, and as such, it had no place in either  my own self talk or my outward conversation. Bit by bit, this word was replaced with many other more suitable, self-supportive and encouraging alternat