Get Out & Grow

Get out 
Of the confines of the fault finding mind
Get out
Into the world where the sun still shines and we can
become more inclined towards its positive light
Step out
from the belligerent beliefs that only serve to feed
A nitpicking narrative
A cocoon of contempt.

Is it that bad? Is the world actually out to get us? 
Do our peers exist solely to sneer and stand hand on gavel
Ready to pass judgement on our every move?
To render us unstable within our own self worth
Burying our esteem under the hardened ground of shitty self talk
composting and fertilising 
a poisonous seed of self image that needs uprooting.

Get out 
Of the view that's there's something bad about you.
Because you -
You are the unbelievable seed of incredible,
of significant, of a strong and sacred life.
You have immeasurable capacity to grow and thrive
And that might sound exuberant, I get it, 
I didn't believe it either. I didn't realise
But free now from that mindset, I've come completely alive.

See, maybe we're missing the value of what we have 
By seeing only that which we don't
Maybe we're losing sight of possibility
By instead tripping ourselves up with volatility
The quest to achieve an approval stamp from society
Lost in the dead end chase of validation
A starvation of self love feeds our creation of a life we don't want to live
But life's not at fault and I think we could go ahead and forgive
The world our assumptions and decisive disdain
Because it only serves to add to our pain

It's not that bad. 
It's not that hard.
We're not that stuck.

I'm not minimising the struggle 
But I feel impassioned to maximise the strength
The vigorous victories we can achieve should we go the length
To choose differently, to shift perspective, to implement change,
A choice to get out of the limiting beliefs that keep us contained
And exchange it for a life that bursts into the light
A step out of the seedy underground bound for insight
Get out of the belief that everything's worse than it is, 
Because realistically, it's actually alright -
You're here because you have this plot of presence
And you're undeniably equipped to win this fight.

So get out,
Of the potted perspective that has held you unfulfilled
Get out 
And allow your own substantial serenity to spill
Out into a world of suitable expanse
Stepping out
As a free and growing entity nourished by chance,
By potential, and the abundant opportunity to flourish
Living a life that your authentic self would encourage. 


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