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Get Out & Grow

Get out  Of the confines of the fault finding mind Get out Into the world where the sun still shines and we can become more inclined towards its positive light Step out from the belligerent beliefs that only serve to feed A nitpicking narrative A cocoon of contempt. Is it that bad? Is the world actually out to get us?  Do our peers exist solely to sneer and stand hand on gavel Ready to pass judgement on our every move? To render us unstable within our own self worth Burying our esteem under the hardened ground of shitty self talk composting and fertilising  a poisonous seed of self image that needs uprooting. Get out  Of the view that's there's something bad about you. Because you - You are the unbelievable seed of incredible, of significant, of a strong and sacred life. You have immeasurable capacity to grow and thrive And that might sound exuberant, I get it,  I didn't believe it either. I didn't rea

Making Friends with Our Minds

When experiencing distress or any negative challenge with our mental state, our poor minds can tend to take the blame. If we're experiencing a depressing phase, finding our anxiety to be increasing or becoming overwhelmed with daily living - it all seems to point towards an issue with our minds. As the momentum of mental health awareness gains speed, we're more aware of the many labels we can attach to our mind but does this awareness make our minds the target? The source of struggle? I certainly believe it makes it more difficult to live with ourselves if we see our minds as the root of our problems. If we look inwardly with blame, shame and hostility, our mind is not going to thrive. When we demonise our very thought process, the simplest of tasks can become ordeals, inner arguments lead to self hatred and resentment and ultimately we feel very much helpless and lacking in control. Not good things. What if, regardless what we're going through, we choose to see our m

Recalibrating Responses

"It's not about the event, it's about the response". Jack Kavanagh Recently I had the pleasure of completing a course by Pema Chödrön called the  Freedom to Choose Something Different,  which inspired a flurry of thought around this topic. And since finishing it, I had yet to catch these thoughts and compile the learnings together. Then yesterday after hearing about it ( thank you! ), I got to see  this Ted Talk  by Jack Kavanagh, and it reminded me of how profoundly powerful recalibrating our responses can actually be, and how cementing these lessons into practice could be a significant turning point for anyone experiencing challenges, adversity or even just the unhelpful reactions we employ to those things that get under our skin. Three things that are fundamental to this idea for me are some of my favourite words: Freedom - Choices - Ownership Shit things happen. They happen on a daily basis in varying intensities. They happen to everyone. Thin