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Free Write Series


Everyday is an occasion But how do we mark it? Do we market the moments that matter As profound as the significance they shatter Into our heart, our gut, our soul? The veritable fiesta felt from human experience The celebration of simply living.


Bloom - 
To night, the ready seed is dawn
Rooted in impassioned dedication to rise, to grow,
To spawn a life so enriched it emits a contented glow,
exuding the 
Enlightened air of potential's perfume.
Notice the nudge to blossom;
The call to bloom.



To which fallacies do we subscribe
Expecting efficacy to exist?
Alluding to escort us towards bliss -
A different world we wish to imbibe.

Identify the truth
Rescind the other.



There is a way
Invisible to eyes with lenses of fear,
But, in taking the step, the stones appear
Committing to courage forges the way through,
'Stuck' is a myth, a swamp, a ruse
It is not a word applicable to you.


Waves of Freedom

Ebb & Flow
Inhale, exhale - deep & slow
The continuous made consc…