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Unravel the cluster of words kept confined to the tip of your tongue The language of you, unspoken to anyone; Numb, dumb and cautiously muted - fuelled by fictitious fears of sounding stupid Those inner disputes contribute to this self imposed silence: Blank pages. Unsung songs. Frozen movement. But, as we unravel, the fibres of our own valiant voices begin to form. We learn, to use the breath of gut instinct and vibrations of passion to put audio to ideas once just imagined, We feel the inspired rumbles rising  And reply to intuition's proposed patterns Resisting the fear inflicted instinct to critique and edit and instead, just express it. Art, music, movement, words. Hear yourself and then be heard. The call to impart truth trills louder than reason to repress - Heed it. Applaud your individuality and unearth the magic in the mess -  Embrace​ it. Unleash the finesse forged of raw authenticity, the kind that can undress us to the bare skin