Recovery Awareness Week

This year, NEDA's eating disorder awareness week kicks off on the 26th February and for that whole week, Dare to Live will be raising awareness of #edrecovery here and on the blog.

Recovery from an ED was the most beneficial and life changing journey I'd say I have ever chosen. It completely transformed my life and my capacity to experience it. It was an incredible, almost inexplicable, gift and it's one that I very much want to encourage everyone in need of it to give themselves.

Full recovery from an ED doesn't get enough press. Too often the sensationalism of self destruction is at the fore; the struggle rather than the survival taking centre stage.

We're led to believe that it's not for everyone or that it's not possible or that we have to learn to live with ED - we absolutely do not, no one does and that's what this week is about. These misconceptions keep our recovery out of reach, when realistically it's any of ours for the taking.

Recovery is for everyone who chooses it. Full recovery. No terms or conditions or ifs or buts, just real and complete freedom from ED. So we're going to raise awareness of what it is and isn't - what it really means and can be. Because, when you think about it, how can we get something we don't understand or even believe in?

This is our opportunity to create a true meaning of what recovery is. This is our chance to build that image strong enough to motivate and carry us through this journey. It could be the beginning of creating a life without ED.

What you focus on grows.

Let's focus on what we want, let's focus on a life of freedom, let's fight for the recovered life we dream of - because each and every one us deserves and is capable of attaining it 💜


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