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3 Steps to Conquer Comparison

Comparison is an insidious, unhelpful pattern of thinking that we can often resort to when we don't feel good about ourselves. When we feel down or unsuccessful or uncomfortable in our bodies, the world can quickly become a catalogue for comparison. 'Comparison is the thief of joy', is seriously such an accurate quote. I can tell you from experience, it simply does not serve us to be trying to measure up to others, to put anyone on a pedestal and in turn put ourselves down. There's nothing to be gained from engaging in this kind of thinking; it just ends up shaking our own self worth and leading us into a negative mind set, believing ourselves to be less, not good enough or beneath others. Whether it's on social media, on the street, in our work or wherever, cascading into comparative inner conversation has no place in helping our self esteem, worth and confidence thrive. It's usually just charged by our own insecurities anyway purely attempting to confirm or re

Recovery Awareness Week

This year, NEDA's eating disorder awareness week kicks off on the 26th February and for that whole week, Dare to Live will be raising awareness of #edrecovery here and on the blog. Recovery from an ED was the most beneficial and life changing journey I'd say I have ever chosen. It completely transformed my life and my capacity to experience it. It was an incredible, almost inexplicable, gift and it's one that I very much want to encourage everyone in need of it to give themselves. Full recovery from an ED doesn't get enough press. Too often the sensationalism of self destruction is at the fore; the struggle rather than the survival taking centre stage. We're led to believe that it's not for everyone or that it's not possible or that we have to learn to live with ED - we absolutely do not, no one does and that's what this week is about. These misconceptions keep our recovery out of reach, when realistically it's any of ours for the taking. Recovery i