Set. Rest. Rise.

Set, rest, rise again.

In this process it transforms, dissolves, descends -
its undoing, an art in itself,
Built on brushstrokes of goodbye,

The composition illuminates the fiery sky -

A bold farewell to the day.

No concern for what has passed, unencumbered by what may be.
The day is settled.
The sun's job for now, complete.

Set, rest, rise again.

Its return, is another exquisite piece,
Dictating to darkness that now it must cease
Emerging gently, gradually creating its display
A dynamic kaleidoscopic embrace -

Though a repetitive routine, never a repeat

Each new rising unveiling its own expressive feat.

Set, rest, rise again.

Relish in the spectrum of each,
Partake in the process, from dark to peak
Encourage the beauty of transience to speak 
Naturally lilting from dark to light,

Tirelessly seizing the chance to shine bright.


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