Cementing Self Security

It's come to light more and more the insidious hold insecurity has on us as a society these days. Sadly, it's as though it's become normalised to just not feel good about ourselves; we put ourselves down in feigned modesty or 'politeness', we feed into the pursuit of a perfected image, we try to be someone or something we're not, we're more jealous and anxious, lost and unsure.

You can see it everywhere; in the messages we're receiving, the actions we take, the behaviours we engage in.

Many of us just find it impossible to believe or feel that we are actually worthy, deserving or good enough as we are at any given time.

We mightn't even realise how deep it runs either, but it could definitely be affecting our day-to-day in a profoundly negative and sabotaging way.

Personally, I've had enough of seeing the effects of the 'not good enough affliction'. I've had enough of seeing beautiful, lovable people completely oblivious of their worth, impressionable youth feeding into poor self image, people of all ages not pursuing their true potential - the list goes on and insecurity is the suffocating weed choking our lives' roots. It inhibits our growth, our capacity to truly flourish fully - ultimately, it does not serve us whatsoever.

Think about it: When we're insecure and feel unworthy, do you reckon we pursue our dreams? Do we speak up? Do we think we can do what we really want to do? Do we let ourselves be vulnerable, loved, included? Do we feel good about ourselves, enjoy self confidence and fulfil our needs? Do we trust, feel safe, feel comfortable? Do we feel like we belong, make a difference or have a place?

I don't think we realise how many avenues of our life the absence of self worth and inner security affects. It's a huge issue and it can trickle throughout our life experience as much as we allow it. Relationships, work, career, goals, purpose, meaning - all of these can become blighted by the burden of negative self belief. 

When it comes down to it, anything that diminishes our self worth, esteem and confidence will keep us at a distance from our own lives.

Living with the belief that we're not good enough prevents us from really daring to live - fully, wholeheartedly and contentedly.

And that's simply and absolutely not good enough.

So we're changing that now. Here on Dare to Live we're committing to cementing a strong sense of self security. We're going to look at what we can do to release the debilitating grip of insecurity and build a solid foundation of self worth, security and confident enough-ness (maybe not a word but definitely a feeling!) 

We're going to swap self deprecation for self appreciation, comparison for contentment and insecurity for inspired, unwavering and impenetrable inner security.

Because we are good enough and its time to start living like we believe that.


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