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Set. Rest. Rise.

Set, rest, rise again. In this process it transforms, dissolves, descends - its undoing, an art in itself, Built on brushstrokes of goodbye, The composition i lluminates the fiery sky - A bold farewell to the day. No concern for what has passed, unencumbered by what may be. The day is settled. The sun's job for now, complete. Set, rest, rise again. Its return, is another exquisite piece, Dictating to darkness that now it must cease Emerging gently, gradually creating its display A dynamic  kaleidoscopic  embrace - Though a repetitive routine, never a repeat Each new rising unveiling its own expressive feat. Set, rest, rise again. Relish in the spectrum of each, Partake in the process, from dark to peak Encourage the beauty of transience to speak  Naturally lilting from dark to light, Tirelessly seizing the chance to shine bright.

Cementing Self Security

It's come to light more and more the insidious hold insecurity has on us as a society these days. Sadly, it's as though it's become normalised to just not feel good about ourselves; we put ourselves down in feigned modesty or 'politeness', we feed into the pursuit of a perfected image, we try to be someone or something we're not, we're more jealous and anxious, lost and unsure. You can see it everywhere; in the messages we're receiving, the actions we take, the behaviours we engage in. Many of us just find it impossible to believe or feel that we are actually worthy, deserving or good enough as we are at any given time. We mightn't even realise how deep it runs either, but it could definitely be affecting our day-to-day in a profoundly negative and sabotaging way. Personally, I've had enough of seeing the effects of the 'not good enough affliction'. I've had enough of seeing beautiful, lovable people completely oblivious of th

11 Ways to Enhance Experiences

As you might know, I've spent the last year on a working holiday in New Zealand ( hence the lack of posts and load of instagrams 😁) . For 8 months of that, I've had the pleasure of living and working in the 8th Wonder of the World , Milford Sound. This has hands down been one of the most amazing experiences I've gotten to enjoy; being immersed daily in this stunning place with amazing people and countless new experiences and adventures. I honestly couldn't have asked for more from it (not even better functioning internet or mobile signal!) As with any new experience, particularly for the sensitive souls like myself, it has definitely come with new learnings, the occasional challenge and some acclimatising , but ultimately these all just came together to give a wealth of thorough enjoyment. New environments and new experiences can bring different things depending on our mindset, perspective and attitude at the time. If we're showing up to these for example wit