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5 Habits of Hygge

Having come across this word some time ago, I recently finished a book that's all about it and wanted to share some of what it taught me. Hygge was a recent word of the day over on Facebook for anyone who's missed it and the beautiful definition of the word that I got, came directly from that book: 'Hygge is the removal of things that cause stress in our lives - it is the ongoing pursuit of a simpler, healthier, more fulfilled and happier existence.' 42 Habits of Hygge is Helena Olsen 's easy to read guide on incorporating hygge into daily life, through easily applicable five minute habits. Funnily enough, a significant amount of these are ones that I have the pleasure of being able to practice everyday living in Milford Sound without realising their contribution to my general sense of contentment. It's cool to see just how easily these can add up to create a strong sense of hygge. And of course, anyone anywhere can begin to adapt these hygge heightening pr

Belief in the Blue

The lashing lullaby put me to sleep The rainforest's favourite composition A gentle roar, impossible to ignore yet by no means an imposition Its energy seeps through its Sound, recharging the slumbering soul Unmatched in its ability to dissolve the day's tiring toll. Awakening to a softer silence, the sun radiates through, An open armed embrace of the sky's beautiful blue The backdrop of a happy commute, Illustrates the resolve of the night's dispute - Nature's message as usual, ringing true - Gently reminding us to continue that blue sky pursuit.