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Word of the Day: Resourceful

Resourceful : ' having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.' antonym : unimaginative I love the word Resourceful and was just reminded of it by an old blog here where I explored how to bring it into our lives more. To me, being resourceful is empowering. It means taking responsibility and action in your life. It's not a passive word, it's not about sitting down and wallowing in our troubles, instead it implores that we use what we have and know to overcome our challenges. In recovery and life in general, it definitely pays to be resourceful. Instead of accepting defeat, we decide to optimise our resilience and resources. We take control and ownership and find our own path through. We help ourselves create this path, using what's available to us in the given moment. It's a valuable skill; a word that can transform obstacles into opportunities. I left in the antonym of 'unimaginative', with the definition because blunt

Recommended Reading: Braving the Wilderness

As may be noticeable throughout this blog , Brené Brown has been a particularly inspiring influence to me. Since I first heard her Ted Talk on shame and vulnerability, I've sought out, enjoyed and benefited from just about anything she's publicly created. The work that she dedicates herself to is not only of great interest but also significant importance to anyone wishing to live a more whole, authentic life. Her natural flair for storytelling makes her years of thorough research easily accessible and her genuine, honest humanity always shines through to make her work relatable and applicable. So yeah, basically I'd recommend all of her Ted Talks and every one of her other books. But the one I'll stick the spotlight on for now is her latest which is titled, 'Braving the Wilderness'. Having just re-read her book, 'Gifts of Imperfection', I refreshed the concepts of embracing our imperfect, unpolished selves and knowing and believing that we are en