Freedom of the Fjord

The twinkle drop rainfall tattooed my mind in smiles, 
Its dynamic dance decorates this canvas of grey
Come what may, here, we're reminded to embrace, instead of endeavouring to erase,
To partake, in our own powerful and personal dance, 
To step into our unique authentic stance,
We're called to overflow into who we are,
Reviving our being with vitality and vigour
An empowered roar of contentment - the welcome trigger - to boldly cascade rather than fade, to stand tall, feel strong & validate the self we have made.

Rainy days on the fjord freeze my toes and warm my soul - entirely majestical; 
Lovingly lost within my stormy surrounds, Senses alive with nature's dark yet dulcet sounds,
I'm awake, connected, engaged, 
Though the sky lays laden with the remnants of rage,
The mountains breathe water; a network of veins, valiantly pump throughout each range,
Their exhale, a water bird diving into the body of sea, carefree - 
A reminder of how we can be
When we let ourselves indulge in such a mesmerising scene


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