I suppose a little update is more than somewhat overdue here!

Firstly apologies for the lack of content recently. I had thought that my travels would provide so much more focus on regular writing and blogging. What's actually happened however, is that it's thrown me into life more, which ultimately is what this blog is all about.

Back in late January, I came to New Zealand to travel and work. Over the last 7 months I've seen incredible places of dazzling diversity, met amazing people and 4 months ago landed a dream job in the magical Milford Sound. Along the way I've laughed, cried and contemplated. I've read, chatted and written. I've re-learnt lessons and overcome challenges. I've looked inward and outward and know from the accompanying pains that at the end of it all, I've grown.

The absence of posts over this time definitely made me uncomfortable at different stages, feeling obligated to share something or work through a certain topic. But the call to just live and enjoy each moment was louder and simply felt more right.

Anything I've explored on this blog is still relevant, it's still work that means a lot to me and that I believe in. It's also quite sufficient, by which I mean, there's a fairly sizeable catalogue of varied content available at any time - continually adding to it is not really crucial. What is more important for me, is to be practicing it.

Dare to Live has a heart of learning - about ourselves, about life, about the positive possibilities awaiting each of us. These learnings are tricky to cement without practical application. So lately I guess I've been writing less and practicing more.

That's not to say I want to stop writing altogether, (there's posts on Facebook and Instagram now and then and writing is a passion I don't wish to part with), but I want to be immersing myself in my learnings and my current experiences. I want to be living by my values, authentic and wholehearted and keep figuring things out, keep improving, keep growing. I want to be the change I wish to see in the world and create an example I would be proud of.

I want to encourage you to do the same too. Maybe make the move into more 'doing' than 'knowing'. Sometimes our quest for acquiring knowledge and figuring our shit out becomes more intellectualised than instinctive. We chase information instead of embracing experiences. We want the step by step guide rather than actually using our feet and taking those steps. We put life off, promising to get involved when we know x, y, z or have found all the answers.

Dare to just do it. Get out there, get into it. Be in the life you have. Be a part of the bigger picture.

Dare to live your life now. Dare to trust that you'll find your way. Dare to believe that you know more than you realise.

We won't always get it right, we'll never know it all but we must make the most of it anyway. Because this is our life and we're going to dare to live it.


  1. Very good and very honest post! Just started my blog and feel the same obligation to write ha. Probably better to only write when you feel something important you want people to know :)

  2. Thanks a million! Hope the blogging is still going well, that's exactly it yeah I think you've got to be feeling it! :)


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