Words of the Day

We do love our words here at Dare to Live, so we're going to start sharing a Word of the Day (when internet permits!). These are particular favourites of mine, ones that I've found helpful or motivating or just sit quite right with the mindset I've worked on cultivating.

Our words and our language carry significant power and influence over our mood, actions and everyday experiences. As we know from our April Affirmations, shaping our intentions with positive language can be highly effective in transforming the negative to positive.

Utilising and engaging with words that bear positive connotations gives us focus, it gives us a new tone and a more engaged and positive perspective. With each word of the day, we'll bring the word and its meaning to the fore, seeing how we can implement it to improve our day.

Along the way feel free to contribute your own and we'll begin to build a new vocabulary of positivity 😊


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