Word of the Day: WONDER

- [noun] a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.
[verb] desire to know something; feel curious, to think or speculate curiously

Wonder to me is a beautiful word that more than deserves a spot in our ever-growing positive vocabulary. It's a feeling, it's a question - it's a word that chooses to see the magnificent in the mundane.

Imagine observing the world through eyes of amazed admiration. Imagine opening your mind to a sense of wonder; of charged curiosity and a renewed interest in life's happenings.

Wonder reminds me of that sense of childlike fascination. It's the awe of seeing something incredible, it's the burning questions that it ignites. It's a change of perspective and feeling that bursts open the doors to a positive, connected and curious view of the world we live in.

Wonder is also a brilliant gateway towards our dreams. We can water the seeds of dreams with a consistent commitment to wonder.

Wonder nurtures our goals and allows our imagination to grow vivid visuals. Beginning to wonder what we could achieve, see or seek is a soft, playful approach to big goals. We can break them down and really let our curiosity run away with the possibilities. We don't have to put pressure on or think all the details through, but simply wonder and allow an exploration into the potential.

Today, seek the wonder in the normal everyday things. Find the beauty, discover the unfamiliar and enjoy the wonder that they bring. Use the word to dream, to wonder what life could be like, how things could be more positive, what opportunities could lie ahead.

Take a tumble into wonderland for the day and see the difference it makes 😊


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