Word of the Day: IMMERSE

- involve oneself deeply in a particular activity.

I think immerse is definitely a noteworthy word as it's so wholly inclusive; it's an all-consuming word, one that evokes the sense of an entirely engaged experience. To be genuinely immersed in our lives to me, would be a success in itself.

I don't think it's a word we think of often though, as we zoom through the day-to-day, do we give ourselves a chance to be immersed in what's going on? Do we get truly submerged in the sensory experience of the world around us? Do we involve ourselves deeply or do we just go through the motions? Are we really taking part or just watching it all pass by?

Choosing to immerse ourselves in our lives gives a sense of real feeling, of wholehearted experience, of awareness and presence. It gets us to open up to feelings and emotions, unlocking the gates to vulnerability. It calls for us to really 'be', in our entirety - to be mindful, aware and an active participant in our daily life.

When we're lacking enthusiasm about our lot, we turn instead towards numbing it all out. We look for escape or avoidance - we get apathetic and disengaged. Changing our intent towards immersion means we move into the driver's seat, we choose the activities that feel good, we immerse ourselves in exactly what we want to be involved with. We create and are part of our own experience, fully.

Today, immerse yourself in your own life. Breathe in the fresh air, actively listen, connect to your surroundings. Take it all in. Be grateful, be present, be involved. Laugh out loud or cry crocodile tears - let it all in. Be a part of it. Get immersed 😊


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