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Apply What You Know: Why Action not Knowledge is Power

We've likely all heard the phrase “knowledge is power.”  Many of us will also have eagerly endeavored to be more educated, study countless books and actively pursue knowledge in whatever means we can - all in the hopes of bettering ourselves. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that; knowledge is a fantastic asset, and it can take us so far. But, that’s only if we apply it - k nowledge is our fuel, but action is what drives. When  we take what we know and transform it into action, we ignite a new energy in our lives, we create movement, we manifest change. From my own experience, I had gained plenty of knowledge: about myself, about life and about how to get what I want.  I inundated my brain with “Ted Talks,” myriads of articles and a sizable chunk of the inspirational quotes available on Instagram. I could dish out advice left, right and centre, and even lay out plan after plan for myself to achieve my goals.  But, until I  actually   took those steps, I wouldn'