April Affirmations

The sun is springing into action and it's about time we started brightening up our outlook too. So, for the month of April on the Dare to Live Instagram and Facebook, we'll be posting a daily positive affirmation to help achieve this!

Positive affirmations are a useful tool widely advocated by people who focus on positive living. They are generally expressed as a specific statement and when used positively they can have a powerful impact on our self talk, self esteem and overall perspective. 

But, positive or negative, every thought is an affirmation.

Everyday in our thoughts, words and actions we're creating our version of truth, affirming what we think about our lives and our selves. I strongly believe from experience that how we think shapes what we see, feel and experience. Our self talk is the author of our life so if it's not spinning a story we want to be a part of, it's time to change it. 

Repeated theory becomes fact, meaning each thought we consistently have is becoming ingrained in our beliefs. When we speak critically about ourselves, that's what we're listening to, that's what is shaping our image of ourselves. 

That's why positive affirmations have such significance. They have the power to transform our negative thinking patterns into positive ones and with that, ultimately change how we feel about ourselves and perceive our experience. 

Initially, yes affirmations do feel silly. They do. I remember listening to Louise Hay's positive affirmations thinking it was all bull; it's easy for her to say and isn't she full of it etc. (Sorry Louise!) But now, I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. They do genuinely work, if you choose to stick with them.

To begin, open your mind to the idea. We need to remember that this is a suggestion that has worked for many people and as such, it's probably gonna be worth a shot. Believing in the power of repetition is key too; even if we're not particularly feeling or investing in the words we're saying, just affirm them anyway. Speaking in positive language gets into our subconscious, it'll do the work if we commit to the words. 

Affirmations have been of significant help to me personally, providing mantras against anxiety, confidence boosts and solidifying self worth. They have helped give my mindset a complete overhaul, even with my initial doubts and discomfort in using them. 

For the next 30 days, why not try to just follow along and say aloud the affirmations shared. Even feel free to add your own or share some of your favourites and tag @daretolivesos , I'd love to see some others and discover new ones!

Saying affirmations is a positive practice, this could be a great beginning to a new habit :) 


  1. What a great idea. Could do with something like this at the moment. Thanks

    1. Thank you! Hopefully you find it useful :)


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