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April Affirmations

The sun is springing into action and it's about time we started brightening up our outlook too. So, for the month of April on the Dare to Live Instagram and Facebook, we'll be posting a daily positive affirmation to help achieve this! Positive affirmations are a useful tool widely advocated by people who focus on positive living. They are generally expressed as a specific statement and when used positively they can have a powerful impact on our self talk, self esteem and overall perspective.  But, positive or negative, every thought is an affirmation. Everyday in our thoughts, words and actions we're creating our version of truth, affirming what we think about our lives and our selves. I strongly believe from experience that how we think shapes what we see, feel and experience. Our self talk is the author of our life so if it's not spinning a story we want to be a part of, it's time to change it.  Repeated theory becomes fact, meaning each thought we consistentl