The Value of Recovery

The Value of Recovery!

For a long time I bore witness to,
the condition of behaviours
and the behaviours of condition.

I listened to the I am not good enough,
To the, I can’t do that rebuff.
To the panic attacks and the black outs
To the anger and many shouts
To the, I can’t go out the door
To the self- hatred from her core.

I watched the person I once knew
Take on a persona completely new
A shell of the person she used to be
The beautiful girl was hard to see.

But,.... she was still there, just a little bit lost,
And our journey started at whatever cost
To re-discover that person who once was
And build here back up, with a new buzz.

The journey was hard with its ups and downs,
It caused both her and me many frowns,
But, she stuck with the programme to the very end
And now is reaping the benefits with her boyfriend.

To find full freedom was her ultimate goal,
So, one to ones, group, doctor, she did them all.
Continuity was the key to her success
Along with lots of hard, work during the process.

But now, now she is free, as free as a bird,
She packed her bag for travels with language unheard.
It was language of freedom, of confidence and joy
Of I can do this, I deserve this, life ahoy!

Life is for living in every way
Of being present in each day
Of seeing the beauty that lies all round
From high in the sky to low in the ground.

Life is a gift, so enjoy the unwrapping
Instead of all the stress and flapping
Do whatever it takes to get you through
To full recovery, take the journey for YOU

I am one proud mama, of what she achieved
And know that now, she is safe and believes
That life is worth living, there’s so much to see

And the journey to recovery, well...... the value is plain to me!


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