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The Value of Recovery

The Value of Recovery! For a long time I bore witness to, the condition of behaviours and the behaviours of condition. I listened to the I am not good enough, To the, I can’t do that rebuff. To the panic attacks and the black outs To the anger and many shouts To the, I can’t go out the door To the self- hatred from her core. I watched the person I once knew Take on a persona completely new A shell of the person she used to be The beautiful girl was hard to see. But,.... she was still there, just a little bit lost, And our journey started at whatever cost To re-discover that person who once was And build here back up, with a new buzz. The journey was hard with its ups and downs, It caused both her and me many frowns, But, she stuck with the programme to the very end And now is reaping the benefits with her boyfriend. To find full freedom was her ultimate goal, So, one to ones, group, doctor, she did them all. Continuity was th

New Year, New Adventure

'dare,' verb 1. have the courage to do something. synonyms: be brave enough, have the courage, pluck up courage, take the risk; venture, have the nerve, have the temerity, be so bold as, have the effrontery, have the audacity, go so far as; take the liberty of doing Dare to Live, to me, is a place in which we can call on our courage to explore the ins, outs and roundabouts of truly, authentically and wholeheartedly living. It has allowed me delve into the discovery of different ideas, the implementation of learning and the opportunity to share those lessons that were hard learned but wholly needed.  The core (or maybe cœur being more applicable here) always seems to come back to daring; to showing up and standing proud, to trying new things and conquering fear, to going after what we want, to wading through the uncomfortable feelings knowing that it'll be better on the other side, to taking the liberty of doing. Holding ' daring to live' as a val