What can we Dare to Do?

~ Wish it, dream it, do it ~

Just over a week ago today, our dedication to 'doing' began over on Instagram in the form of the hashtag #daretodoit 

Though, as with anything new, we might be finding now that the initial enthusiasm, intentions and ideas have piled up higher than the foundation of action managed to kick in to support their suggestions. As they come crashing down, maybe we've found ourselves a bit bewildered about why 'doing' stuff ever seemed like such an inviting idea before. All the words made so much sense, the concept was captivating yet for some reason, it hasn't quite kicked off in our day to day. 

This happens. We get motivated, we get excited and we think about the lavish list of possibilities pouring into our lives. We might even get as far as making plans and visualising everything we're going to do and how lovely it will be. But then, there comes the disappointing descent into ...nothing

Unfortunately, the fact is, nothing happens if nothing happens. Nothing changes if nothing changes. We need to act. We need to dare to do it. There isn't really an inbetween on this one, I'm afraid. With dare to do it, we either do it or we don't. Simples.

And I know, all too well, that these seemingly 'simple' things can actually be surprisingly frustrating. They don't ask us to know why or overly analyse anything; there's no necessity for talking our way around them or excavating a complex creation of excuses from within that provides the perfect reasons not to act. All we actually need to do is do it - which when we're used to making life difficult for ourselves, is a puzzling one to get our heads around.

Yet this really is just that simple. 

So let's get some direction. Whether we've started yet or not is the not the point. The point is what we do now, the only moment we have to hand is this one. 

Here's our resource of responsibility. If we're at a loss of what we can dare to do each day, that's okay - we can check in below and the answers will lead us to our actions.

What can we dare to do?

What do we want to do? Would we like to try something new? How about...
Art, literature, music, film, sport? Going out for coffee? Taking ourselves out for the day? Going for a walk? Taking a photo? Learning something new? Reading a book? Buying something for ourselves or someone else? Writing a journal? Taking note of gratitude/credit/learnings? Calling someone? Going somewhere? 


Action doesn't always have to be seen. Are there some thoughts we could act on? 
Could we begin to choose more positive ones? Could we actively remove some unhelpful thoughts/words? Could we decide to let go of certain thinking patterns? Are there some affirmations we'd like to repeat in our minds? Could we fill our minds with dreams instead of worries? Are there repetitive thoughts we'd like to replace? Would we like to start thinking about ourselves differently? 


We can always learn from the things we put off! What's on our list that hasn't been ticked?
What have we got scheduled for an ongoing 'tomorrow'? What are we avoiding? What has been in the back of our minds for too long now? What do we not want to do that we could actually benefit from? What are we intentionally ignoring?


Have we been tending to our needs? Are we lacking anything?
Do we need early nights? Do we need a good long shower, a hearty meal, a warm drink, social interaction, more fun? Would we like a bit more 'me time'? Could we do with treating ourselves? Have we been prioritising self care? Is there something more we could do for ourselves? Are our minds crying out for relaxation? Do our bodies need rest? Are we daring to be self caring?


Has fear stopped us in our tracks? Are we afraid to do something? 
Are we afraid to be ourselves? Are we scared to speak up? Do we fear judgement? Are we letting fear keep us stuck? What would we like to overcome? What do we think we cannot do? What we love to do but are afraid to try? What would we do if we were not afraid?

Dare to do it is about living life with intent, learning to live life on purpose and moving away from merely existing towards the freedom of being fully alive, involved and owning it. We can discover how many of the above questions we can answer through our actions and we can realise just how much there is to be gained from less talk and more action.

Make a wish, take a chance, make a change

Just don't get too comfy on that seat! 


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