Dare to Do It

Why put off til tomorrow what we can do today?

As you may have seen over on the @daretolivesos Instagram and Facebook, we've just kicked off a movement of 'doing'. With the hashtag #daretodoit, we're making the choice each day to do something, anything, that is of significance for us. 

Because we know from experience that getting the most out of our lives is an active process. It’s not something where we can tick the box or read the book and be grand; it’s an active, involved and committed journey.

When we choose to move away from our restrictive, boring, habitual conditions and towards the exciting, abundant world of freedom, then we’ve got to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

There’s plenty we can do at any stage of this (no doubt we've come across a suggestion or two!), yet sometimes we still find ourselves static or stuck, loaded with knowledge but ultimately just frustrated because we feel like we're getting nowhere. 

Knowledge is wonderful, understanding is essential and of course taking in information is how we learn. But we’re not here to just continually add to our collection of knowledge. We need to act. We need to turn what we know into what we do.

Walking the talk is our best form of transport towards freedom.

So on the Dare to Live and @marinotc Instagram we’ve begun a hashtag of #daretodoit and with that, are making a conscious effort to get out there and just do it - the things we’re afraid of, the things we’ve been putting off, the suggestions we’ve been given. No talking ourselves out of it or putting it off til 'tomorrow', just daring to do it.

Though it can keep us nice and busy and safely stagnant, at some point we've got to stop the overanalysing, the second guessing and the doubts - and the time for that is right now.

As they say, 'If not now, when?' So..What could we dare to do?
  • When we talk about getting active and just doing it - what comes to mind? 
  • What more can we do in our daily lives that'll feel better?
  • What are we avoiding doing?
  • What would we like to do?
  • What could we see ourselves doing?
  • What are we afraid to do? 
  • What would we like to prioritise more?
This doesn't have to be a big deal everyday; we don't have to do tons of stuff and wear ourselves out - this is simply a commitment to taking action where before we would've found a reason not to. Whether that act is choosing to listen to one thought over another, deciding to be really present or even tidying our rooms or prioritising 'me' time - it's all of equal importance and potential impact.

The things that we do move us, they are the little steps that carry our journeys, the drops in the ocean that make waves. 

We can't just think our way to a better life, we've gotta get really involved.

So, let's dare to do it.


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