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Dare to Do It

Why put off til tomorrow what we can do today? As you may have seen over on the @daretolivesos Instagram and Facebook, we've just kicked off a movement of 'doing'. With the hashtag #daretodoit, we're making the choice each day to do something, anything, that is of significance for us.  Because we know from experience that getting the most out of our lives is an active process. It’s not something where we can tick the box or read the book and be grand; it’s an active, involved and committed journey. When we choose to move away from our restrictive, boring, habitual conditions and towards the exciting, abundant world of freedom, then we’ve got to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. There’s plenty we can do at any stage of this (no doubt we've come across a suggestion or two!), yet sometimes we still find ourselves static or stuck, loaded with knowledge but ultimately just frustrated because we feel like we're getting nowhere.  Knowledge is wonderful, un

Poetry: The Nitty Gritty Necessity

Sometimes it can be helpful to try out new and different means of expression and engage our creativity in the feat of unraveling our inner thoughts. Poetry is one such method that has weaved its way in and out of my journey as required. Sometimes it gave language to experiences that felt beyond basic explanation; it allowed analogy and comparison to convey feelings I didn't even fully understand myself. Other times it served to shape stories of celebration, hope and excitement. For others it might be art, music, activities, anything. There's unlimited means of speaking our truth to be explored, and discovering which of these we can become fluent in, is going to give our voices real volume. Sometimes it's just nice to find out how to tell our narrative in a new way. This week, poetry is going to tell a little tale about freeing ourselves from the final roots of 'not good enough' that may be holding us back: The nitty gritty called me, several times, Leaving i

5 Lessons in Learning

 'The capacity to  learn  is a gift; The ability to  learn  is a skill; The willingness to  learn  is a choice. '  Brian Herbert Learning is a progressive, continual undertaking. It invites us to open our minds, to consider alternatives, to grow and discover the potential both within and outside of ourselves. If we're not learning, we're staying static. We're settling. We're stagnating. To learn is to move towards the doors of freedom and find out how we can break through them. Sometimes it's a pain in the face having to learn though. We might feel like we know enough already or that we 'should' know all we need to know. We might be fearful of what 'can of worms' our explorations could uncover or even what we're going to do with the realisations we make ourselves. Because, what then? Then, we have the knowledge to move on and our justification for staying small or staying safe loses significant strength. But quite often, once we re