Month of Gratitude: Check in

As you may or may not know, we've been running a month of gratitude over on our Instagram since the month of August kicked off. 

Using the hashtag #daretobegrateful each day there's new images of gratitude popping up to gradually grow this little idea and turn our attention towards an attitude of gratitude.

Today marks day 21 - which is also the amount of days it takes to build a habit - so if you've been doing it since the start, you're on to a good thing!

Of course, it's still not too late to get started, it never is. Every drop makes an ocean and whether it's everyday or not, adding to the pool of positivity is always going to be of value.

We're just over 3/4 of the way through and already I think there's been learnings along the way about the effects of gratitude. 

1. Variety

Each day I don't know what kind of visuals I'll be greeted with as there's such a wonderful array of what people are finding gratitude in each day. There's so much to be grateful for and even seeing where others spread their appreciation can awaken ours for those things too. Be it mundane or extraordinary, once we start looking for it, its possibilities are endless.

2. Focus

Choosing to seek out gratitude in each day trains our eyes to see the good. It cultivates a habit of focusing on the positive. Drawing our eyes to the things we can give thanks for teaches us to look for the silver lining. If we're looking for our 'next post' in the world around us, we're choosing to find something to appreciate, a practice which is only going to significantly improve our outlook.

3. Commitment

Creating a positive routine in ourselves can be so helpful in adding a bit of light into our day. When we commit to something, we give it importance, a place of priority in our day, which notably adds worth. No doubt we've been given plenty of advice along our own paths of what we could be doing to help ourselves. But the difference is in the doing. Deciding to be a part of this or even making sure to follow it shows a commitment to positive change. 

4. Embrace Ideas

For me, I've learnt too, to give my ideas a place when I believe them to be of worth. The month of gratitude is just something I wanted to do. I love the idea of actively practicing gratitude and I think it's a worthwhile tool to share and encourage. So I started it, having no idea whether it would catch on, if anyone would look at it and even if I would actually manage to stick to it. It has now taught me to give my ideas wings, with no expectations on them, to just give them a path of flight paved with my own belief and commitment. That's how they'll become a thing. Any of us can create the things we wish existed and put something new in the world that was never there before.

There's a fountain of learnings to derive from this and I think they'll be different to each individual and continually grow as the month progresses. So onward we go and I'd encourage anyone who hasn't posted yet to consider it, why not? :-)

I'm so grateful to see anyone's involvement in this and really appreciate all the contributions thus far!


  1. I am really enjoying the dare to be grateful. It's making me stop and think and on days that are not so good it still makes me stop and think cos I want to have something to post and add to the collage of gracefulness. Thank you for this concept.

  2. Aw thank you, I'm so delighted to hear it! That's brilliant and I'm so happy to see each and every addition to the collage so Thank You for being a part of that :)


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