Endlessly Create Yourself

In search of blog ideas, I find more and more that just one little line can quickly be all that's required to push my mind into a whirring wheel of contemplation. The smallest inkling of inspiration will pipe up and demand to be made into a bigger idea. 

This week, the one that kicked it off simply said 'I am endlessly creating myself'

A simple affirmation yet it's one that boldly shows commitment to personal exploration, discovery and learning. It denotes change, movement and the freedom to not confine ourselves to one box, to not pigeon hole our personalities into a type.

But how much do we embrace the endless creation of ourselves?

I think instead, we create a concept of who we are going to be, we take on a label or become what others say we are. We fear becoming something more or something different because that drives us to depart our cosy comfort zone and enter the unknown.  

To endlessly create ourselves means taking on the role of creator and actively getting our hands dirty in cultivating who we are.

And that's a scary thing to do. Because we get caught up in what others think, how we'll look, what we should be doing. Instead of creators we're just barely spectators of how our life plays out. So we don't get full experiences and we don't get to see the full potential that's out there.

Which is not really what we're here for. 

So, how can we embrace our inner creator and embark on this journey of self creation?


Open-minded discovery is the path to creating a richer experience. We need to push out of the confines of our own little box and see what else is out there. Those things that you think are silly or weird or 'not for you'? Do them. 

Expand your mind to the possibilities of what you might enjoy, learn from or want to give a bash. It doesn't mean you're going to love every new thing you attempt or become a whole new person, but you get to continually add to the colourful repertoire of who you are. Listen to a different band, go to a different event, explore a new place. Take a leaf out of Spotify's book and dare to discover weekly. Find out what's out there that takes your fancy and break down any barrier that's keeping you from discovering it.


Quite often the challenges we experience in our lives or with ourselves stem from the self-limiting beliefs we keep playing on repeat. If we want to create more of ourselves, we need to release ourselves from the wrath of a label or diagnosis or opinion that doesn't sit right. We need to realise that that is not our identity, it's not what makes us who we are and it's not a life sentence. When we release ourselves from who we believe ourselves to be, we get the freedom to create who we'd like to be.


If we want to create something new within ourselves, of course we need to open our arms to change. But understandably, change can be a somewhat scary undertaking for some of us. It's unfamiliar, it might not work out and we don't know exactly what's going to happen. Yet if we let ourselves welcome it instead of holding tight to control, we open up our worlds to a vibrant variation of new experiences and learnings. 

Instead of clinging to who we thought we were or had to be, change permits us to mix it up a little, throw a spanner in the rituals of routine and tumble into a different perspective. Becoming a committed creator of ourselves means whether we like it or not, at some stage we'll need to take a chance on change.

Own It

Being a creative being enables us to be proud of the product of our efforts. When we create ourselves, we know and understand each element of who we are. We know that sometimes we might like to cuddle up quietly with a book and others we like nothing more than bopping along to a loud, crowded gig - we're not a fixed, rigid thing. We understand our needs and respect each unique part of the person we are and our ability to adapt and explore. 

Our continual creation comes from a place of love and trusting our own intuition. We know what we're about and that creating ourselves further doesn't make us fake or flaky or all over the place. It makes us more and more whole, robust and well-rounded. It makes us the interesting, distinctive people we are.


In any endeavour to create and undertake something new, we will make mistakes. This process is not about manufacturing a beautifully multi-faceted yet robotic being - we'll make some choices along our creation that may not work out, may seem questionable, may leave us feeling vulnerable - but if we are to be creators, that means accepting the imperfections of art. It's learning to accept that some brushstrokes might not be technically perfect, but my god do they add colour, depth and intrigue. Our mistakes teach us and the more we can learn, the more possibilities we can pursue.

Endlessly creating ourselves is an exciting and empowering journey. To do so splatters freedom into our own masterpiece and opens up an unending exploration into what's out there for us

'Nothing is permanent, everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming'. Buddha


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