Dare to Let Go

We have busy minds. They're jampacked, heavy and laden with the thousands of thoughts darting around throughout the day.

But are these thoughts serving us?

If we believe that our thoughts can create our feelings and behaviours, that they have the power to form our belief systems and change our lives - do we ever stop to check in on their potential impact? Are we letting our negative self talk loop on repeat or are we choosing to change the frequency?

See, our thinking works in patterns and patterns form like habits. In the background of our minds maybe without even realising, we create our mindset and our reality. If it happens that we've created a negative one, we become stuck; a completed craft of interwoven fears, grudges, guilt or regret.

Intentional or not, this can happen and we find we've become hostages in our own lives. Surrounded by self-limiting beliefs, high expectations, part of toxic relationships, doing sh*t we absolutely do not want to be doing. We fall into the rabbit hole. But now it's time to find our wonder.

Now, we need to let go of the stuff that no longer serves us.


We've got to become aware of our negative narrative and realise where we're at and why we're unhappy. In all avenues of life, get curious about what has served us and what no longer is. Maybe they're things that had a function at some stage, that came to teach us something, that were challenges to overcome, that have become part of our routines, or are just comforts that we never questioned. Seek to find what their purpose has been and note that they're finished playing that role now. Get interested and invested in your own life and take note of what's draining its reserves.


When you find out what's not working, there's no room for judgement or regret, it's just time to discover what will serve us better. Think about it. Consider things that make you feel light when you think about them, things that bring peace, enjoyment and recharge you. What can you get excited about, what can you bring into your life that'll replace the old heavy burdens? What can you bring into your life that'll serve you? What do you look forward to? Who do you want to be around? What way do you want to feel? Explore the answers to what would serve you best and how they look in your life.


When we have clearly identified what we do and don't want, we simply need to let go of the latter. We can't grab hold of new opportunities if our hands are still full of junk we don't need. Letting go means putting a stop to the negative spirals, it means no longer engaging in things that don't enhance our experience. It's a challenge, of course it is, because it requires change and moving away from old comforts. But it's the beginning of real growth and significant strides forward.


By letting go of the old, we make room for the new. We create a space for that which will actually help us grow, move forward and gain strength. Everything that came to mind in point 2? It's now their time to shine. That's the stuff we need to fill our lives with - the goals, dreams, experiences and excitement that mean something real for us. 


We don't have to lethargically amble along, shoulders hunched, enduring our situation and feeling lost. 

Instead we can finally let go of everything holding us back and start to freely grab onto all the good stuff waiting ahead.


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