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Dare to Let Go

We have busy minds. They're jampacked, heavy and laden with the thousands of thoughts darting around throughout the day. But are these thoughts serving us? If we believe that our thoughts can create our feelings and behaviours, that they have the power to form our belief systems and change our lives - do we ever stop to check in on their potential impact? Are we letting our negative self talk loop on repeat or are we choosing to change the frequency? See, our thinking works in patterns and patterns form like habits. In the background of our minds maybe without even realising, we create our mindset and our reality. If it happens that we've created a negative one, we become stuck; a completed craft of interwoven fears, grudges, guilt or regret. Intentional or not, this can happen and we find we've become hostages in our own lives. Surrounded by self-limiting beliefs, high expectations, part of toxic relationships, doing sh*t we absolutely do not want to be doing. We f

Find Your Fire

Recently I came across a quote that naturally I couldn't help but share on the Dare to Live  Facebook  from the  Tiny Buddha.   "I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me."  As you've likely noticed from the blog before, I've a fairly lengthy list of quotes that I've found helpful, relatable or inspiring. But occasionally I stumble across one that particularly resonates with me and this is definitely one of those. This quote epitomises the fight I kept throughout my own journey. When it seems as though we cannot handle our own worlds, our challenging experiences and who we are; when we feel overwhelmed, lost and alone; when the fire of the world is simply too hot and we feel as though we're crumbling in its presence - that's when we need to fuel our fire within. And fueling that inner fire, gives us the very best chance of surviving. Discovering this fire shows us our own strength. It gives us something to fi

10 Simple Mood Boosters

Some days just get us down. You know the ones where nothing's really going right? The morning's groggy grumpiness lingers til lunchtime and before we know it we've had just about enough of the whole day. Our list of complaints cascade from our minds, catastrophising every little thing that didn't go our way. We woke up late, we burnt our tongue on our brekkie, we missed the bus, every pedestrian in front of us is walking at a snail's pace, we get stressed out at work, have no time to ourselves etc etc. These days come . And these days go. But it'd probably be in our best interest to not let them spiral. Of course these moods happen, that's natural. We can get cranky, down, irritable or just plain p*ssed off and this can be a fairly effective way to ruin our day - but only when we choose to let those bad moments become a bad day. Personally, I've found that when these 'bad moods' strike, I can absolutely milk it and be a grumpy youknowwhat