Why the Little Things Matter

'Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things' Robert Brault.

Following on from last week's post, I've had more and more reason to think about the simple significance and potential impact of the little things in life.

We seem to be consistently striving towards something bigger - our goals, our dreams, self-improvement, recovery, career progression; all that good stuff. We seek transformative change which is undeniably a wonderful thing.

But sometimes we can get disheartened when the gap between where we are now and where we want to be appears annoyingly big. Instead of feeling as though we're en route to our 'big' stuff, we feel as though it's barely even tangible. There's a distance, a disconnect and inevitably just discouragement. 

In so many aspects of our lives, we overlook the little things; the simple, the natural, the effortless. Maybe we try to intellectualise them, make them nice and complicated, increase the hardship and the struggle or maybe we just don't really believe they could actually be of importance. 

But across the board, I think we need to take a minute to zoom in on the bigger picture we've been looking at and finally see it for what it is. It's a creative culmination of intricate, minute additions. Maybe we could make a point of taking in each gentle brushstroke, each dollop of colour, the dots, lines and curves without which, there would be no picture. 

The little things in life are the building blocks of our success, happiness, relationships and growth. They are our foundations.

So I want to make a big case for the little things, in all avenues of our lives because I believe that valuing the small things will create substantial change.

How can we magnify the miniscule?


The more we look for, the more we see as we know that what we focus on grows. So, open up to the little things all around - in work, at home, with others, on the train, in nature - change your perspective so that you can't help but see the strength of the small things. Is it the call of a bird? A nice gesture? A good quote? A smile or a 'good morning' or checking something off our to-do list? Keep it simple and just see what starts to show itself when your eyes are open.


Write down the little things that mattered in each day. Maybe someone said something that made you smile, maybe you saw the scurry of a squirrel or read a good line in a book, maybe you enjoyed the sunshine on your skin even just for a moment. Take note of which little parts of the day mattered at the end of each. Reflect on those brief moments of positivity that poke their little heads up throughout the day.


Look inward too and take note of the little things you've accomplished at the end of each day. When we're on a journey towards our 'big' things, we make so many significant steps along the way that seriously deserve our attention. Give yourself credit for each time you fought for what you wanted, each time you made a change, each little win, each question of curiosity, each realisation - it all really matters. As the saying goes, every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 


Maybe most importantly, we just need to realise and appreciate the value in the little things we have. In every day, we experience so many little things that could positively influence us if we choose to pay them attention. Maybe it's just me, but I definitely feel more content by valuing the little things in the everyday - maybe just looking back at what I've achieved however small, what I've learned, what I'm grateful for, what nice things happened. These are the things that can overcome the dreariest of Monday mornings when we choose to amplify them enough. 


These little things are ours all the time. They're ours to nurture and hold onto as we realise that they're leading us to our bigger things. Tiny as they may seem, they really do all have their place of purpose and gradually, wonderfully add up to create the strongest and most meaningful of things.

"Every Drop Makes an Ocean"


  1. Brilliant, all too often as you say we look at the goal instead of the journey. And then along the way we get disheartened because the goal seems so far away and we dont see what we have achieved so far. But if we stop for a minute and acknowledge all the small pieces of the jigsaw that we have already put together, then maybe we will begin to enjoy the journey instead of just striving for the goal!!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! That's exactly it, the picture is slowly coming together the whole time but sometimes we're looking at how many pieces are missing rather than how many we have so far :)


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