Fighting Frustration - What Can We Do?

'If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito'  African Proverb

Sometimes the world appears very big.

The norms, beliefs and cultures that we find ourselves accustomed to seemingly become the building blocks of leering walls, enclosing us within instead of providing us with a feeling of security. The more we get out of our own heads and gain awareness of the world outside of us, sometimes the more these issues seem to stack up. 

We become aware that the world is riddled with imperfections and as much as we might've been trying to control our own experiences, we're imperfect too.

When we're going through our own stuff, we focus on ourselves and our own development and that's brilliant. But when we find ourselves more present in the world again, we can realise that not everyone else has gone through this process too. 

Awareness can be a b*tch sometimes and sensitivity? - well that can be a whole other headache.

When you're super-sensitive, like yours truly, things can become a bit much sometimes.
Injustice, corruption, greed and cruelty (to name but a few) are everyday issues that do exactly that for me now and then. I think in general, we're often vaguely aware of them y'know somewhere in the back of our minds but they're detached, right? They're not our problems.

But these things bother me. It bothers me that there's so much 'wrong' in the world. It bothers me that so much is driven by money, by ego, by lies, by greed. It bothers me that there's deceptive messages, mis-information masked as expertise, and violent actions on a daily basis.

These are not detached when they're so rife - they're real, tangible, disconcerting problems.

When the world appears so big like this, I think it's because we take on the fullness of its heavy issues. And then feel incredibly small and insignificant because we're mere individuals, just one in eight billion. Personally, it has felt overwhelming that there's so much that I cannot influence and I cannot change.

And that can be a bit of a head wreck.

But it doesn't help me to get frustrated about it. I could cry for the world, I could get angry at deception, I could get frustrated at the way it is, I could do all of this for days - but that doesn't help the world and it definitely doesn't help me. 

The world is made up of people - people do these things, people shape cultures, people are society. So instead of getting frustrated at what 'people' do, I want to be the person doing something that I am proud of.

Fortunately, as a person, I can bring myself to the conclusion that I'm not helpless and insignificant. At any point when we become frustrated with how things are, we can seek out our solution and change it. 

The fact is, I do have influence. We all have influence. We all have the potential to create a ripple effect and tapping into that, is so incredibly powerful. 

'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.' Margaret Mead

So no, I cannot singlehandedly save the world, I cannot end all the harm and dysfunction. 

But I can be the change I wish to see in the world,

We all can.

  • We can be a drop that contributes to the ocean that we believe in
  • We can be a part of groups that think the way we do
  • We can consciously make a difference regardless how small
  • We can spread our message to whoever is willing to listen
  • We can take matters into our own hands and incorporate actions each day that are important to us
  • We can practice kindness, compassion, forgiveness
  • We can spread our smiles
  • We can believe in our own potential for impact and commit to what is important to us
  • We all have voices, we all have strong, brilliant minds that are capable of so much, we just need to realise this and act.

When the world becomes big, I want to remember the people I know personally who are fighting on a daily basis for something better. Every action towards a more positive life is a significant action. Every time we choose to act in kindness, in compassion, in truth - we make a difference. This is where I want the focus to be.

I know of so many inspirational people, I've read countless pertinent pieces that I know matter and these are the things that feel lighter. There is so much good in the world and the more attention we give it, the more it'll multiply before our eyes.

Because there is always differences we can make in this world.

We have the capacity to become bigger than these problems in our own ways.

'When we cannot see the woods for the trees, we must seek out the light in between'


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