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Why the Little Things Matter

'Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things' Robert Brault. Following on from  last week's post , I've had more and more reason to think about the simple significance and potential impact of the little things in life. We seem to be consistently striving towards something bigger - our goals, our dreams, self-improvement, recovery, career progression; all that good stuff. We seek transformative change which is undeniably a wonderful thing. But sometimes we can get disheartened when the gap between where we are now and where we want to be appears annoyingly big. Instead of feeling as though we're en route to our 'big' stuff, we feel as though it's barely even tangible. There's a distance, a disconnect and inevitably just discouragement.  In so many aspects of our lives, we overlook the little things; the simple, the natural, the effortless. Maybe we try to intellectualise them, ma

Fighting Frustration - What Can We Do?

'If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito'  African Proverb Sometimes the world appears very big . The norms, beliefs and cultures that we find ourselves accustomed to seemingly become the building blocks of leering walls, enclosing us within instead of providing us with a feeling of security. The more we get out of our own heads and gain awareness of the world outside of us, sometimes the more these issues seem to stack up.  We become aware that the world is riddled with imperfections and as much as we might've been trying to control our own experiences, we're imperfect too. When we're going through our own stuff, we focus on ourselves and our own development and that's brilliant. But when we find ourselves more present in the world again, we can realise that not everyone else has gone through this process too.  Awareness can be a b*tch sometimes and sensitivity? - well that can be a whole

5 Learnings About Growth

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still" Change is inevitable, in fact, it is the only constant. But growth can b e optional. As life continues to sweep by, we can choose to grow with it or dig in our heels and stay stuck. Fighting change for fear of the unknown trips us into the sinking sand of a whirling rut. We get trapped in an uncomfortable comfort zone - afraid to move forward and unable to go back - we stagnate. Embracing our growth means opening up our world; it means allowing our minds expand beyond our miserable monotony and inviting a fuller, richer perspective in. When we imprison ourselves within the steel bars of negative thinking we lose sight of our own potential growth beyond them. Our self-limiting beliefs of 'can't', 'should' and 'not good enough' pad-lock away our potential light. But it's from these places of dark deflation that we can actually take valuable steps towards growth. We often

This is Summer: NOT Bikini Season.

Contrary to the various stories our social media feeds might be telling us, bikini season is not on its way.  And no, this isn't because our sunny season tends to consist of a one-day heatwave or because summer in Ireland doesn’t exactly warrant swimwear - I mean it’s not on its way because that’s not an idea that actually makes sense. Like, at all. From what I understand anyway, the sole purpose of the next few months is not to just flounce around in a tiny two-piece. (Imagine the looks you’d get in the office!) And I'm pretty sure the turn of the season doesn’t arrive with a scroll of rules requiring us to slim down, tone up or make any other changes to our bodies. Oddly enough, the next few months won't require six-pack abs, a lower percentage of body fat and taut thighs that the #fitfam would approve of. Yet, I can and have seen the term being heavily used and people feeling compelled to start doing x,y and z to feed into this idea before they somehow enter

5 Ways To Get Back Up.

"Fall down seven times, get up eight." In life, we all have falls. We have those cringey moments that we're ashamed of, we do things we wish we hadn't and from time to time, yes of course we make mistakes. That's a given and regardless how much we wish to be perfect in all that we do, we just can't be. Sh*t happens. We are only human. But falling down really hurts and when we find ourselves back on the ground again, we can spiral into the murky pit of a shame hangover. We isolate, or beat ourselves up or repeat what we've done 'wrong' over and over in our minds. We become consumed by fear, anxiety, sadness and shame. But none of this helps us get back up. Obviously. So we need a way to get back on our feet, we need to be the ones offering ourselves a helping hand to yank us up off the ground and back into life. So when we feel like we've messed up, what can we do? 1. Take Responsibility If we stay down there buryin