30 Days of Change

At any time in our lives challenges can and will arrive unannounced at our doorstep. We know this. In fact, we're beginning to know a whole lot about these challenges.

We know that when we're struggling to keep our heads above water, we need to learn to help ourselves. We know that we need to collect the knowledge, understanding and self-awareness to comprehend our situation and improve it. Essentially, we get that we just need to learn how to swim. So with such an apparent foundation of knowledge, why do we still end up flailing?

Seeking to educate ourselves is powerful, it seriously is. Among other things, it opens our minds, strengthens our self knowledge and points us in the direction of progression. 

But we can only read so much. We can only Google so much. We can only face in the 'right' direction for so long. Sitting with a head full of information doesn't get us where we want to be. We need to get our asses moving.

I watched this Ted Talk during the week and I think it's a brilliant reminder that many of us could do with.
I strongly believe that learning is a fantastic asset. But I also realise that adding tool after tool to our toolbox is useless if we never do DIY. There's no better time to take the tools out (blow off the cobwebs) and begin to actually use them, even if our hands are shaking and it feels beyond uncomfortable.

Spring has well and truly sprung so now is the opportune occasion to implement some change; to nurture the seeds of personal growth - to actually DO something with all that accumulated knowledge.
So I want to suggest 30 Days of Change. With minds jam packed with all the stuff that's going to help, I reckon it's high time to actually do all that helpful stuff. 

These 30 days are entirely yours to decide what you want to change, improve or practice. They are yours and it's up to you whether you want to do something with them - whether or not you want to look back in 30 days time and be proud, even if it's just the tiniest bit.

Here's some suggestions to keep in mind but after that I'd recommend making it entirely your own project of progress. Think about what you want to incorporate into your day to day, what you want to try or what you'd like to work on.

Take Stock

One of the loveliest parts of that video to me was when he spoke about taking photographs each day. It meant he was taking the time to capture the moment. He recalls when and where he snapped it and to me that's a beautiful exercise in becoming present.

We rush through so much of our lives nowadays, I think it's pretty special to appreciate the simple moments and give them a place of importance in our days. Maybe the next 30 days will begin the habit of taking stock of the little moments that we enjoy in each day.

Personally I want to use this to get into the habit of taking photos, journaling and becoming better practiced in active daily gratitude. I want to take stock regularly and really appreciate the magic in each day.

Introduce Small Changes

As we all know, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This isn't about making a massive lifestyle upheaval or a radical sudden change. It's about creating a lasting pattern of difference that will serve us. The little things can be incredibly significant when coupled with consistency.

It could be a slight change in our daily routine, ten minutes of assigned self care, reading a chapter of a new book. Whatever you choose, make it manageable but make it matter.

Create Habits

When we discover so many ideas, suggestions and inspirations we can get excited to do try everything (or overwhelmed and do nothing). But often this inspired motivation fizzles out and we forget about it, returning to the ways we're used to.

Habits require consistent practice to stick so this is a fairly fitting time to cultivate the ones we want. Intertwine new habits into your everyday routine and keep at them.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Try something new, maybe try a variety of new things, but get yourself out of the comfort zone that's been holding you back. Do the thing you've been curious about, learn the thing you've wanted to know, start the thing you wish you could do. If not now, when?

Apply Specific Learnings

This could be the key time to master those learnings, that you know inside out but have yet to conquer. Incorporate practices that turn your knowledge into action.

If you're learning to be your own best friend, take yourself out on dates. If you're learning to overcome fears, challenge them now. Turn what you know into what you live.

Each Day Counts

This isn't a resolution, it's not to be seen as a pressure. It's simply an opportunity for consistency.
For me consistency has always been key to achieve what I wanted. That's not to say I didn't find it tricky though. I'd start and stop, have off days, want to quit etc etc. So take each day as a fresh one. If you forget one day just start again. New day, New opportunity. 

It could be thirty days of first days doing something. At least something will be getting done and that's something more than was before. 

The best way to learn how to live is to get into life. So what are you waiting for?


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