23 Learnings of a 23 Year Old

It was my birthday during the week, and as has somehow become my custom in the last few years I wanted to share my learnings. Every year brings something different and the more I'm engaging with life, the more I'm learning and really cementing everything I've picked up so far. There's always challenges but there's also so much excitement, experience and evolving to get stuck into. 

Through each mistake, each awkward encounter, each stressful situation, we can find the learning. We can change something for next time or we can just accept it as it was and move on. Learning is crucial for moving forward and growing in so many ways. 

All we need to do is pay attention. 

So here's mine as I take a look back, or at least, 23 of them :)

1. Trying new things is always worth it, even if just for that single experience of being outside your comfort zone. I've found it to open new possibilities and unlock potential.

2. I really enjoy change. And surprises. And exploring.

3. Sometimes decisions don't work out as expected, but that's okay. There's still something to take from them and there's always a solution.

4. The same places can transform when you look at them with different eyes (or different company).

5. Moments matter. Capturing and appreciating little magic moments, really matters to me.

6. Being human is okay. Crying is also okay, even if it's when sitting on a packed bus and for seemingly no reason at all - it is actually grand and it will happen, try as you might to avoid it.

7. I get defensive when I get afraid. (and now that I know that, it's pretty funny when I notice it)

8. Boundaries are extremely important. As is saying no, and valuing your own time and limitations. 

9. Every drop makes an ocean, every little ripple counts. Small things do matter, a hell of a lot. 

10. Blood tests aren't actually the worst thing ever. Especially when you can get the doc to tell you jokes as he does it.

11. People are incredible and interesting and accepting and there are so many good 'uns out there. Connection is crucial and I now love it.

12. I can be patient when necessary. 

13. I can do anything, but I can't do everything. Being a passionate person means really needing to strengthen the aforementioned (newfound) patience. 

14. Fear can be a loud liar but also a teacher. When we recognise it, we can hear what it has to say and what we need to do to overcome it. And then it'll have to shut up.

15. Overanalysing is an amazing waste of time. Keeping it simple, keeps it sane.

16. Owning it, means walking the talk and owning who you are and what you're about - and it's so liberating and empowering.

17. Self respect permeates so many of our behaviours and actions. It's important to keep an eye on where it may be lacking and adjust accordingly.

18. When you let go, you create space for better things to come into your life. Likewise, when one door closes, another one opens. 

19. Your energy introduces you before you even speak.

20. Open honest conversations are important to have and value. When you let the niggly stuff come up, you get to take control of wiping it away.

21. The past is best left in the past, but it's important to heal from it

22. I am so very grateful to still be here today to be able to write this. Everything passes and I can't explain how worth it it is to put the time into recovering. 

23. It's only going to keep getting better and better.

Looking back at last year's post there are some that I have learned again but in a different way or others where the learning has become deeper and more concrete. It's a continual process and I'm excited to keep having my eyes opened, to keep seeing things differently and to keep adding to my experience.

Twenty-three is set to be a good year :)

What have you learned today?


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